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This just in from Interference:
Adam and Susie have reportedly gotten engaged =D

IT'S OFFICIAL. Adam Clayton has found what he's looking for. The U2 bassist has just got engaged to long-term girlfriend Susi Smith.

The dapper musician and the Canadian beauty announced their engagement to friends at a private party recently. My Deep Throat at the soiree told me that everyone was sworn to secrecy on pain of immediate exile. Well, there you go . . .

Adam and Susi looked more in love than usual when I saw them in January at the launch of a new fragrance by the Missoni fashion label in the Italian ambassador's stately residence in Grosvenor Square, London. I now know why.

The Oxfordshire-born Clayton has been of course the most colourful member of the world's biggest band for years. I love the entertaining but entirely apocryphal story about how at the time of his arrest for possession of marijuana, the guards found him sitting serenely stoned in the boot of his car up in the mountains. Though rock n' roll fairytale, it does show that Clayton is widely regarded as the epitome of cool. Cooler still, Adam was engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell in 1993.

Naturally, Adam is older and wiser and sober-er (he hasn't touched a drink since he missed a U2 show in Australia on November 26, 1993 - a consequence of his break-up with Naomi, some say.) Indeed Susi and Adam are the ultimate zen couple. They were on holiday in Malaysia when the tragic tsunami hit the countries off the coast of the Indian Ocean.

(Article blatantly copy-pasted from Niamh_Saoirse's thread in PLEBA, many thanks to her for posting it).

It's about time, Adam! **grins** I'm very happy for them both =D
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