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This is my first time posting in this community, although I have been watching your posts and enjoying what y'all have to say about our favourite lads! :)

I've officially been a fan of U2 since I was about 16 or 17, but I've only this year started to get a deeper appreciation of their music, and of the guys themselves. As a Christian of Irish descent (and for someone with a huge passion for all things Irish), their music has huge resonance for me, since a lot of their songs are informed by their faith and growing up in Ireland in the midst of the troubles. I've also been reading a bit of their personal stories online, and it's been so exciting learning more about their backgrounds, history with the band, views on music and fame and Christianity, Bono's involvement in human rights, their wives and children, friendships with other musicians, eg. Bob Dylan...so awesome! :P

So yeah, my question for you guys is- have any of you actually met any members of U2 in the flesh? I dunno, like at a record signing, or backstage at a gig, or just walking down the street? And, if so, what were they like? A lot of people say that Bono is very gentlemanly and lovely, and a genuinely good bloke...but I'm very keen to hear what you guys thought. Did they seem down-to-earth and laid back, or really over-the-top and arrogant and diva-ish? If any of you have got any anecdotes of the U2 variety, then let us know!

I'll be seeing U2 live in concert in Auckland (of One Tree Hill fame!) in November. Should be absolutely freaking amazing! :P

God bless guys, look forward to chatting with ya!
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