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You guys seemed to enjoy my fake SOTD so much I'm almost afraid to post the real one, 'cause it probably won't be enjoyed nearly as much...

Today's real Song of the Day (love it or leave it, folks) is:

"The Electric Co." from Under a Blood Red Sky

Best Electric Co. EVER. I defy anyone to not love this song, especially this version, especially the beginning. The energy is phenomonal. The guitar builds up through The Cry and suddenly Bono's screaming "WHAT FOR?! WHAT FOR?!" and everything explodes. It's impossible to NOT jump all over the place at that point in the song.
The song itself, well Bono wasn't yet writing deep and lengthy lyrics at this point, but it's still a very fun song. Any song that starts out with "Boy! Stupid boy!" gets my vote ;P
The first part of the song has a simple drumbeat and an even simpler bassline (though they both pick up from the solo, onwards). It's definitely an Edge song (and Bono song too, of course!), as demonstrated by the huge, powerful, and explosive solo. Edge doesn't have to have a huge solo in every song like some guitarists, the rare solos in songs like Electric Co. are awesome enough to bridge the lack of them.
The one part of this performance that is not my absolute favouritist of all is the Send In The Clowns snippit. Maybe it's because I first heard the edited version of this song, but it just feels out of place to me. I much prefer the snippiting that's been done on the Vertigo tour. This song seems to be the "Bono snippiting every song he can think of and can fit into one performance" song ;P
Despite the snippiting, UABRS Electric Co. is still the best Electric Co. to me ;P

Somebody cry, somebody cry
Somebody cry
Well somebody try, somebody try
Somebody try something quick
Don't you look back, don't you look back
Don't you look back
Well somebody cry, somebody cry
Somebody cry
Well I can't see why or
What for
What for
What for

Break it up

Boy, stupid boy
Don't sit at the table
'til you're able to
Toy, broken toy
You shout and shout
You're inside out

'til you don't know... Electric co.
'til you don't know... Electric co.

Red, running red
You play for real
Toy could feel
Hole in your head
You go in shock
You're spoon-fed

'til you don't know... Electric co.
'til you don't know... Electric co.

Break it up

La la la la la la-merica
La la la la la la-merica
Two, three, four
Two, three, four
Why must I hide from myself
When I need a crowd
Bring on the crowd
I love the crowd
Pick it up

If you don't know... Electric co.
If you don't know... Electric co.
If you don't know... Electric co.
If you don't know... Electric co.

Don't forget, Friday nights are U2 community chat nights, so pop into the community chat room (it runs on java) this Friday night and join us for a chat!
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