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The Edge visits the Jazz Festival

So I went to the Jazz Festival yesterday to see my second-favourite band in the world, the Dave Matthews Band.
I was lucky enough to have arrived early, and while I had to wait through a few other bands, I was lucky enough to have a front-row view of the stage when Dave Matthews showed up.
The first odd thing I noticed was that during sound-check, the tech guys were soundchecking a Music Rising guitar. Odd, I thought, because Dave doesn't usually play electric. I didn't think much else of it.
That is, until towards the end of the set, a familiar beanie-clad guitarist walked out onstage. Yup, The Edge had landed.
It was a crazy moment. I should've expected it, with all the work Edge has been doing for New Orleans, but I was just... floored.

Sadly I didn't have my camera, but it was a stunning moment that I thought I'd share, and great to see members of my two favourite bands sharing the same stage.
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