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Bono to edit newspaper for a day

U2 frontman Bono is to edit The Independent newspaper for a day to highlight the issue of Aids in Africa.

The singer is already offering ideas and commissioning articles for many sections of his edition of the daily UK paper, to be published on 16 May.

The Independent editor in chief Simon Kelner said the paper would be "challenging and innovative".

Half of its revenues for that day will be donated to Product Red, Bono's initiative to improve healthcare.

A spokesperson for Bono told the paper: "He is tickled to be let loose on such a great paper. He's enjoying using the talents of its journalists to explore issues that are vital to him."

The Independent has become a partner in the singer's scheme, which is aimed at persuading big business to use its financial muscle to tackle the disease.

Product Red has created a range of products including footwear, sunglasses and a credit card to generate funds.

When the organisation was launched earlier this year, Bono said: "I feel a bit of a fraud, a bit of a loser because we are not winning the war against Aids."

He admitted that he had turned to big business in an effort to boost the Global Fund, charged with alleviating the impact of Aids, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa.

In December 2004, Bono was guest editor of BBC Radio 4's Today programme for a day, in which he highlighted the ongoing problem of world poverty.
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