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I have no idea what the appropriate subject heading is because this is just a random thing. But anyway a few months ago (I think) I read a very positive article about what makes U2 great, on the net somewhere. I can't remember exactly which site it was on. But I was so pleased to see someone mention all of the guys and not just Bono (this came days after I'd read a concert review which mentioned Bono every 2nd line, Edge about twice and Larry and Adam not at all). It was just a good, all-round article and I liked it so much that I emailed the woman who wrote it. Just found the reply I received and thought I'd share it with you, I totally forgot all about it! So just skip if you don't care. :p

Thanks for writing. I'm glad you liked the story.

I tried not to focus too much on Bono. I think he's great, but he gets more
than enough publicity (i.e., cover of Rolling Stone) and doesn't need any
from me. The other members of U2 are accustomed to Bono being the center of
attention, so I don't think there's a lot of resentment or jealousy among
the ranks. Still, it's nice when the other guys get some recognition. When
we chose art for the story, I told my editor that in addition to a close-up
of Bono, I wanted to run a photo that showed all four members of the band.
After all, U2 is the sum of its parts. If any of those four were missing, it
wouldn't sound like U2. (And anyone who thinks Adam is inconsequential has
never really listened to the music. If they did, they'd notice how the bass
guitar is always extremely prominent in the mix.)

A lot of people seem to think of U2 as Bono's backing band. But Bono never
would have made it as a solo act. He needed the other three as much as they
needed him. And that's the wonder of U2. It's like a table with four equally
strong legs. When you listen to the music, you can concentrate on the
performance of any individual member and enjoy it, because they're all so
skilled at what they do.

Have a "beautiful day"!
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