wire_tripper (wire_tripper) wrote in u2,

I am the product of today's youth. I lack in morals. Today is case in point. 4th period, Music of the 20th Centuary.  My teacher is out and we have a sub. Well my teacher owns piles and piles of over 20 year old Rolling Stones, Spin, Guitar Magazine, etc. Well there is nothing to do, and so i go and pick through the piles looking for some great nostalgia. Around my second or third trip to the stack i see a white peice of thick glossy paper. I ponder "What is this" I pick it up and turn it over. I found a wonderful U2 photo just thrown in near the bottom of the pile! I think "this must be a sign from God!" So i naturally take it back to my desk, hold it and look at it for a second or 2, and put it in my binder for safe keeping. My figuring is ,while,yes it is stealing,  my teacher won 't notice it missing. I don't even think he knew he had. I would treat this wonderful photo 10,000 times better. So in short, i am going to hell.

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