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niggles of the U2 kind...

G'day, g'day...

Ok, a couple of questions, if no-one minds:

Have any of you lovely people been to a U2 concert, which you felt completely let down and disappointed by? Like, say, had you been simply bursting out of your skin with anticipation months beforehand, but you found the actual show just didn't, for whatever reason, live up to your expectations?

I'm asking, because I'm *touch wood* going to see U2 when they come to New Zealand in November...as many of you know, they were originally going to play here in March, but, due to circumstances beyond their control, the concert was post-poned. I, of course, was rapt when I found out they were planning on playing here again later this year...but, I was told by a mate that U2 are, in his words, "notoriously rusty at the start of a tour". This time around, the last leg of the tour will begin in New Zealand, whereas, back in March they would have been nearing the end of the Vertigo tour, and would have been absolutely on-fire as a unit, which would have made for a mind-blowing concert. But, as they will be beginning in NZ, and if what my friend says is true, things will be completely different, and the concert may have the potential to be not as amazing as I may have anticipated. Do you follow me, so far?

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know...I reckon I've got way too much spare time, if I'm stressing over things like this, when goodness knows I have more pressing concerns. And, I've read posts and comments from those of you that have seen U2 live, and have talked to mates who have been to their gigs, and I gather that the shows have just been heart-stopping, and magical, and riveting and out of this world and just...guh. So really, I have every reason to still be excited.

But still, just wondering...are there any of you out there that have had a less-than-impressive U2 experience that you'd care to share? Have any of you been to a concert where everything that could have gone wrong did? Ever seen a show where the set-list was utter crap, and you were gutted that you didn't hear the songs you wanted to? Ever been to gig, where the band just seemed totally flat, and just lacked that typical U2 chemistry and magic, and just didn't function together well as a team? Ok, you get the idea...:P

Yeah, I'm probably worrying about nothing. Really, I'm more freaking excited than anything else...only 6 more months to go now *shuffles feet impatiently*

Also, another question....I feel so horrible asking this, but do any of you ever listened to HTDAAB, and felt kinda...blah? Don't get me wrong, I like it, and there are certain songs like Yahweh and City of Blinding Lights that really stand out. It's certainly got that unmistakable touch of U2 upon it, but to me it just lacks that U2 "PHHWWWOOOAAARRR" factor. And I especially noticed that *meh* feeling after listening to it at the library yesterday, after having spent the day blasting out The Joshua Tree and The Best of 1990-2000...and I know there are mixed views about the stuff they produced in the 90s, but I personally think that album is bliss.

So yeah, what are your thoughts on Atomic Bomb? *sigh* It's a lovely album, and I want to like it more...but I really don't think you can judge U2 by their recent material, when they've got an amazing almost-30-year-long legacy of music behind them, that is far superior, both lyrically and sonically.

Anyway, over to you...
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