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I'm not sure that's how your nickname is spelled. Sorry if i got it wrong . I don't know if you are a moderator of this community or not, but my last post has been deleted . In which I said something like this ... I took a blog test thing , it asked me one question to supposedly determine who I was in a past life . I typed in ARTIST it said I was a happy go lucky cannibal in my past life . And that I lived in South Africa . Inferiority or who ever , asked why this was in the u2 community . This community has been dead since not much is going on with the band at the moment and to Quote the FLY " Every ARTIST is a CANNIBAL and every poet is a thief." And I wonder what Africa has to do with the One campaign ? I must be very confused ? Think not ! So for my good DURRR BUDDY INFERIORITY I'm leaving this OFFICIAL community that is lacking in knowledge [ well one being is anyway ]and moving on . Get some head knowledge DURR BUDDY.
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