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One life, with each other, sisters... brothers

Access Hollywood had a bit on AIDS tonight, which included a clip of Bono. This is an entry I wrote in my own journal. Not U2 related directly, but I do reference the B-Man. I'll throw it under a cut for those who want to skip over it (though it wouldn't hurt to read it).

A full generation has passed since the Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome was first discussed. Now, twenty five years later, AIDS has become an epidemic. Forty million people currently live with AIDS, and some twenty-five million people have already died due to complications from the disease. That is one million people a year. And there still is no cure.

Researchers work tirelessly, while fundraisers continue to find the support necessary for the ultimate goal: a cure. The number one killer in Africa is AIDS. Recent reports suggest that the disease has become so wide-spread in Asia that it will soon rival Africa as the continent with the largest percentage of people infected with this disease.

U2 leadman, Bono has championed the AIDS cause in the past few years. He takes a new approach where it's compassion, not money that the common person needs to give in this fight. The spread of education will help stop the spread of AIDS while medical research catches up in the efforts to find a cure.

Please, take a few moments to learn a bit more about the disease, and it's impact on humanity. But most importantly, tell someone else. Tell a parent, a sibling, or a lover. Tell your Member of Parliament, your Congressman or anyone of influence. Most importantly though: practice safe sex, and be tested for HIV/AIDS on a regular basis (and for other STIs as well). Your life may be one of many, but it is also one of many in the fight for a cure.
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