Caitlin (stay_please) wrote in u2,

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A day without Boom-Chas

I never understood it until now...

(and yes, before you flame me, I know the two songs have different intros, I just wasn't paying attention at that point)

So I was driving to work today, stopped by a train-crossing, twiddling my thumbs in my car. My iPod is hooked to my radio, I'm on shuffle, and I'm getting a pretty good mix of songs. When along comes Discotheque. I'm boppin' my head, lip-synching probably, the weirdo in the truck next to me just might be giving me looks. When all of a sudden...

... at 4:40 the song starts to fade away. I get no boom-chas!!!

I had landed on the New Mix, from the best of 90-00 collection. I actually yelled at my radio to give me my boom-chas back.

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