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U2 Grab Bag

~I work for Barnes & Noble, and I found out yesterday that U2: Show by Diana Scrimgeour is in the Bargain Section. We're selling it for $9.98 for a limited time, for those interested. I already own it, and $10 is a really good deal, if you ask me.
~My friend Terry and I ducked out of the rain and into a movie theatre yesterday afternoon. We ended up seeing the new Adam Sandler movie Click. Typical Adam Sandler silliness, but I was quite happy to hear "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" near the end. I was bopping in my seat singing along.
~I went bowling tonight with a group of friends when the video for "All Because of You" came on the screens. I managed to get a spare in that frame, so I decided U2 inspired me to do so.

Ah, it's all the little things that tell you you're really in love, doesn't it? ;)
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