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YouTube fun!

Okay, upon my extreme boredom, I was searching YouTube for random music videos from the 80s. One of the ones I looked up was We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel.

Now, there's more on that later, but first a U2 related memory with that song:

Friend: I'm listening to We Didn't Start the Fire! Did you know they mention U2 in that song?!
Me: Ummm... he meant the spy plane...

Anyway, in the search results I saw that there were several different image videos people had made to go with the song (some of them were for school projects), so I decided to watch the first one listed, just out of curiousity. It consisted of photos of all the people/events/things mentioned, shown in time with the song. And when it got to the U-2 part... a picture of U2.
I decided to check some of the other videos, and most of them had our Irish boys. Maybe I give people too much credit, but the song goes chronologically, if our U2 had been in it at all, they'd have been at the very end.
Anyway, I got a pleasant surprise during the very last video I watched. This particular video had a bunch of jokes and comments thrown in with the images, and I was very, very amused when I got to the U-2 part and saw this:

Maybe I'm easily amused, maybe I just like making fun of Bono, but that really, really cracked me up.
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