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htdaab track listing

I've been meaning to post this question to this community a while back but only just remember about it today when i saw the inquiry about would beauitful day work better as closer than an opener. anyways, my girlfriend and I are huge u2 fans and she loves htdaab much much more than i do i go for acthung baby and pop a lot more but anyways, my biggest problem with htdaab is the tracklisting and a man and a woman(one of least favorite u2 songs) so i made her a revisioned version of htdaab with a new tracklisting and added b-side, please tell me what you guys think, I can't wait to hear your opinions. 

1. City of Blinding Lights
2. Mercy
3. All Because of You
4. Original Of the Species
5. MIracle Drug
6. One Step Closer
7. Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own
8. Yahweh
9. Crumbs From Your Table
10Love and Peace or Else
11 Vertigo
12 Fast Cars

p.s - i got the super special edition of htdaab so fast cars is techinally apart of the album to me at least. 

p.p.s - what tracklisting would like to change the most out of any U2 album?
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