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Song of the Day (With a twist!)

Yes, I've been slacking with the SOTDs, but I just feel like everything I could cover has already been covered, and if I can't do anything different, then what's the point of doing it at all? But, I have something up my sleeve.

"If God Will Send His Angels" from Pop

Now I know what you're saying, this song has been covered twice already (plus the single version once), but never fear, I have something different for you today. Today's SOTD is not your typical SOTD. I'm not going to delve into every aspect of the song, and pick apart interpretations like usual. Today I'm going to give this song a video. And yes, I know that it already has a video, and a fairly neat one at that (I was so proud the day I finally watched the director's commentary to find that I had been dead right about the way I'd assumed it was filmed). But today I'm giving it a different video.
Creating music videos in my head is something I've been doing for years, but for some reason, I just can't do it with U2 songs, and I think that's because U2 videos usually don't have hardly anything to do with the song, and the videos I like to make in my head are usually like very short films. I'm an expert at making Matchbox Twenty videos in my head, but U2, not so much. So coming up with this was a rare occurance, but I was listening to Pop the other day, and this song came on, and it all just sort of clicked in my head.

I know I said I wasn't going to get into interpretations, but in order to understand my video, you're going to need to understand this particular interpretation. Plus this wasn't discussed in any of the previous SOTDs for this song.

To start with, let's just pull up a Bono quote:
"It's this guy beating up his girlfriend about her searching for answers and just telling her to look around. It's like science fiction gospel. Edge is calling it country hip-hop." (Q Magazine, March 1997)

Let's expand on that. It makes sense with the lyrics. I've also heard this song described as an argument between the singer and the music, and I can see that too. But let's just dive in, shall we?

In the song, we have a man and a woman living together. The woman has something the man doesn't: faith. He used to have a relationship with God, but lost his faith through his own cynicism years ago. Now he's having a fight with her, and he's taking his anger at God out on her, belittling her faith, and telling her it's all worthless, that God doesn't care.
You know, though this is a U2 song, I don't really see this as a "U2" video, because I don't picture any of them in it at all. Maybe it's just because the protagonist in this video is such a jerk and I can't really picture Bono in that role.

As we open, we see a small living room. It's obviously not a very wealthy household, but it's decorated nicely enough. There's a Christmas tree in one corner, and lots of little angel figurines and other religious imagery around. A woman with blonde hair is curled up at one end of the couch, it's obvious she's been crying, and she still has one hand up to her bruised face. There's a window behind her with the curtains drawn, it's dark and rainy outside.
The man is pacing around the room as the song opens. He barely looks at the woman as he begins singing, but it's obvious that he's addressing her. As we get to the final line of the first verse (It's just you and me and the rain) we cut to a shot from outside the rain streaked window, looking in on the couple, to see him turn completely toward her for this line, moving his hand toward her, himself, and finally the window, to indicate the rain.
In time for the second verse, he sits down next to her on a nearby chair, watching her as he sings. He leans in farther as he continues, close enough to give her blonde hair a patronizing flick as he reaches that word. He stands then, and turns her back on her as we reach the chorus. He sings the chorus in a sarcastic way, patronizing her belief that God can make everything okay, moving his hands to indicate her delicate angel figurines as he speaks. In the small break before the next verse, he picks her bible up off the coffee table and looks at it for a moment, before throwing it at her (it hits just as the music crashes in).
As he begins the next verse, he reaches over and grabs her roughly by the arm, pulling her up and dragging her with him toward the front door. He opens it and indicates the neighbourhood they live in, which isn't nice at all: drug dealers, homeless people, etc. He slams the door again after the 'begging bowl' line, and pushes her in front of a mirror hanging on the wall, so she can see her own black eye (And Jesus sister's eyes are a blister).
The song continues, and he leads her back into the living room and pushes her roughly into a chair. He gestures with his hands as he sings the 'where is the' line, then after the first 'looove', he leans over and picks up a white piece of paper, he holds it up on 'Does looove' and we see that it's the electric bill (because you can't have a good domestic disturbance without bringing bills and money into it) and then throws it into her face as he says 'your Christmas tree'.
He turns his back on her then, and picks up the remote control, which he flings at the TV during the last line. Then he turns back toward her to sing the chorus, only this time he sounds a bit more sincere, as though he too, wonders when God will send His angels. When he sings "Where do we go?" he looks a bit apologetic.
He sits down then, his head in his hands. He lowers his hands before he begins singing again, but is still looking down shamefully when he does. When he gets to the "show business" line, he lifts one hand to indicate the TV, where a televangelist is busy preaching up a storm. After finishing the line, he gets up again and picks her bible back up. This time, he opens it and flips through it, as he sings the "something to go on" line.
As he gets to the chorus again, he gets down on his knees to pray for forgiveness, looking skyward long enough for the "Sure could use them here right now" line, before lowering his head completely for the duration of the "scatting" part.
When he finishes, he raises his head again and looks over at her with tears in his eyes. She looks back at him, and there's a still moment where you wonder whether she'll forgive him, but in the end she goes over to him, and they embrace.

So yea, it's dark, it's a bit violent, but it ends on a sort of okay note, and I think it fits the song. So that was your SOTD, with a twist, I hope you enjoyed it **bows**

Nobody else here baby
No one here to blame
No one to point the finger
It's just you and me and the rain

Nobody made you do it
No one put words in your mouth
Nobody here taking orders
When love took a train heading south

It's the blind leading the blond
It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs

Hey if God will send his angels
And if God will send a sign
And if God will send his angels
Would everything be alright?

God has got his phone off the hook, babe
Would he even pick up if he could
It's been a while since we saw that child
Hanging 'round this neighbourhood
You see his mother dealing in a doorway
See Father Christmas with a begging bowl
And Jesus sister's eyes are a blister
The High Street never looked so low

It's the blind leading the blond
It's the cops collecting for the cons
So where is the hope and where is the faith
And the love...what's that you say to me
Does love...light up your Christmas Tree
The next minute you're blowing a fuse
And the cartoon network turns into the news

If God will send his angels
And if God will send a sign
Well if God will send his angels...
Where do we go?
Where do we go?

Jesus never let me down
You know Jesus used to show me the score
Then they put Jesus in show business
Now it's hard to get in the door, angel

It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs
But I guess it was something to go on

If God will send his angels
Sure could use them here right now
Well if God would send his angels

(And I might not want my life)
(I want my lover feel my soul) / So where do we go?
(And I want my love and I)
(And I want to feel alone) / So where do we go?

(Sing my song)
(Sing my song)
(Sing my song)
(Sing my song)

(Baby, just like you kept telling me, slow down)


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