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Hot Press magazine reader Q&A with U2


Check it out, man...

Put your questions to U2 in the Hot Press Mixed Grill

On the occasion of our twenty-fifth birthday, we've decided to give you a present. Y'know U2? Irish rock bunch with large-voiced singer? Big-idea merchants in the extreme (giant lemons, changing the world, that sort of thing)? Biggest band on earth? We've gone one better than interviewing them for our birthday issue. We've decided to pipe down and get out of the way for once. We've organised for you to have a wee chat with them yourselves.

So. Still haven't found what you're looking for? (tee hee.) No probs. Let the fellas themselves help you with your enquiries. Send your questions to Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry - via our special Mixed Grill address, - and read their answers in the very next issue of Hot Press, our fab 25th birthday edition, on newsstands Thursday June 20th.

The Hot Press Newsdesk
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