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Jon Bon Jovi is one of us :-)

My friend veronamay is a Bon Jovi fan, and she just sent me these tidbits from a Jon Bon Jovi biography. JBJ's a U2 fan - or specifically, it would seem, a Bono fan :-))

Excerpts from "Jon Bon Jovi: The Biography" by Laura Jackson which reference U2 and/or Bono in connection with JBJ's career.

Excerpt the first - young JBJ sees young U2 in concert and gets fired up

"Inspiration also came from seeing new bands break in. Like many others at grass roots level in America, Jon was now taking notice of U2 - the latest band from across the pond to be playing their first US gigs. Fronted by singer/songwriter Bono, U2 had emerged from the aggressive nihilistic punk rock era. But while the band agreed with the principle of individualism, they flatly rejected the violence that was inextricably associated with punk. Instead, U2 strove to create an aura of hope. In the prevailing climate of mass unemployment and fast-spreading disillusionment in British society, Bono had declared that far from letting negativity take hold, U2's music was meant to be about getting up and doing something about it - uplifting sentiments which were mirrored exactly in Jon Bon Jovi's young heart.

"Jon got the chance to see U2 in performance when the four-piece played a selection of club dates on America's eastern seaboard at the tail end of 1980. The resounding shouts for encores energised the newly launched recording stars busy playing out of their skins, and they pumped up a future rock star in the audience, who left that night eager to press his nose back to the grindstone."

Excerpt the second - JBJ models part of his sound on Bono's voice

"For this album Jon sought a grittier overall sound, and wanted to develop his vocal range for certain songs. He had been closely studying what he called the 'real screamers' in music. He already admired gutsy singers like Little Steven, and had become ever more impressed with U2's Bono. He would retain his own individual sound, but he wanted it infiltrated when necessary with that gravelly, grating rasp."

Excerpt the third - JBJ joins Bono in trying to save the planet

"The state of the planet's future stability had come into sharper focus for Jon, so he did not hesitate to range himself alongside the stance taken by U2's frontman Bono. The renowned anti-war humanitarian used [the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards] as a platform to add his voice bluntly to the already widespread international condemnation of nuclear bomb tests being carried out by France in the South Pacific."
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