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I'm not the world's biggest Rattle and Hum fan, but lately I've found my self listening to Heartland almost obsessively. There's not really one U2 song I can define as my favourite, but every now and then I prefer some songs more than others. I really find it hard to pick one single song as my favourite. If you looked at my itunes list, you'd think it'd be With or Without You, which is actually quite funny, because I think With or Without You is one of the most overplayed, over used, overrated U2 songs ever. (Not that its not good, because it's great.)

Am I the only one who finds it hard to pick one single song or one album as U2's best? Or their favourite? Or am I just too weak? *lol*

I'm seriously so obsessed with Heartland right now.

If you tried to pick a favourite what would it be? Do you have a favourite?

I'm very sorry if this makes no sense its 1am here. *lol*
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