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So, on the off-chance people will see my user name and go, "oh yeah, I remember her!" I am posting from the good ol' US of A to see how everyone is. I'm going home in about 3 weeks and upon my return I hope to resume my Song of the Day position (if you will have me, of course!) and ramble as happily as I ever did about U2 songs. The radio stations here have been pretty good as far as U2 goes. So far on local radio I've heard Vertigo, Beautiful Day, With Or Without You, Streets (a lot), One (which made me cry, being homesick) and Sweetest Thing. Nothing too unusual but I also have my little mp3 player and of an evening I sometimes give myself a boost with Stuck or Walk On or Zooropa or Angel of Harlem or whatever.

SO. How IS everyone? Like I haven't spoken to canadanne in aaaaages. I hope the comm is falling apart without me. Haha, no really. And I am very excited that I get to come home just in time for the Zoo TV DVD (omg!) and the U2 book (omg!), it gives me something to look forward to while leaving my boyfriend behind.

Uh, any more U2 gossip I've missed?!

Kat x
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