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Song Of The Day

U2 have covered quite a few other artists' songs over the years - some have made it onto B-sides and tribute albums, while others just became live favourites. In the mid-80s, they became fond of playing this one:

C'mon Everybody

This rock 'n' roll classic was originally a top 10 hit for Eddie Cochran in 1959 (his highest charting single in the UK within his lifetime - he was killed in a car crash the following year, at the age of 21). U2 first covered the song at Self Aid, and it went on to become a regular feature of the setlist on the Joshua Tree Tour. YouTube footage to be found behind the cut tag. :D

Here's the Self Aid performance (found this one in April thanks to Bono does seem to be going for the "King of the Wild Frontier" look!

Self Aid took place at Dublin's RDS showground on 17th May 1986, and was a 14 hour benefit concert aimed at promoting jobs for Ireland's unemployed youth (whose numbers had reached nearly a quarter of a million). Inspired by Live Aid the year before, it featured U2 as one of the main headlining acts; their set consisted of C'mon Everybody, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Sunday Bloody Sunday, Maggie's Farm / Cold Turkey, and Bad / Candle In The Wind / Walk On The Wild Side. The event was broadcast live on RTE.

This is certainly an... interesting performance. *g*  Some of it seems a little too low for Bono's range, forcing him into a really growly delivery that's quite amusing!  Musically it's faithful to the 50s hit (i.e. lots of fun!), but Bono makes quite a few changes to the original lyrics, to give the song a more political slant. I couldn't find a transcript of this version anywhere online, so I've had to try and decipher the words myself - I'm not sure about a few lines, so please feel free to correct them if you can!  My favourite bit is the rather unexpected "FUCK 'EM!" in the second verse. :D  If Bono seems a bit on the angry side, it's probably because of the bad press leading up to the concert - there were suggestions that it wasn't so much "Self Aid makes it work" as "Self Aid makes it worse", by increasing competition for jobs and excusing the government from their own responsibilities. Bono was particularly hurt by a scathing article in the magazine In Dublin which pictured him on the cover - if you watch the footage of "Bad", he gets in a little dig near the end when he changes the lyrics of Candle In The Wind to "They crawled out of the woodwork, onto pages of cheap Dublin magazines"!

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy the video. YouTube also has a clip of Eddie Cochran performing the song, if you're interested in a comparison. :)



Well c'mon everybody, let's a-get together tonight
We got some money in our jeans and you know we're gonna spend it right
You know I been working all week long
Now we gotta get it, TV's on
C'mon everybody

Christy's record's number one and we're gonna rock till three or four
Well the place has started shakin' from my bare feet slappin' on the floor
When you hear the music, you can't sit still
If your brother won't rock, your sister will
Fuck 'em!
C'mon everybody

Well you know we had a party and we gotta put the guards outside
If the band won't cheer and the facts'll make 'em run and hide
There'll be no more excuses for a week or two
I'm sick of casting votes for the usual crew
Who cares!
C'mon everybody

Are you ready for this one?
C'mon everybody

Let me sing it
C'mon everybody

LOL at Larry hastily fixing the tape on his drum towards the end. *g*

Sadly, I don't have an MP3 of that performance for you to download. I did find this version from Paris 4/7/87 on a bootleg compilation, but annoyingly it fades out after a couple of verses. Better than nothing?
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