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David Egan exhibition

Yesterday I went down to Sydney and met up with some fellow U2 fans and went and visited the David Egan exhibition. It was kind of weird actually. I mean some songs the paintings suited, songs like Beautiful Day suited the bright colours and the swirls and things, and Sweetest Thing was quite fitting also. But I personally found that all those bright colours used continuously throughout the whole collection was quite confusing. I mean, Acrobat is a dark heavy song, and the painting for it used so many bright colours, I just could not relate at all.

However I did like the one called We Hear Their Heartbeat. I felt it suited the song really well. And I Want To Have Your Baby...Baby was definitely amusing!

However, maybe we were just being too picky being such huge U2 fans and all, but there were spelling mistakes all through the lyrics he had written on the paintings, and even misquoting lyrics, and heck, even one painting he had it listed as being from some song, with some odd name (it was supposed to be One, but I can't recall what was actually written there). Yeah...he was there too while we were there. At one end of the gallery we could hear some U2 playing, and he was in there painting, I think. I have a feeling he overheard me saying how I couldn't relate to all the bright colours for some of the darker songs, and how I thought all the little freaky looking creatures were quite weird, and I didn't like them. Oh well....

I think the exhibition may have been much more effective if you could hear the song playing as you looked at the painting. Amanda bought us all the postcard of Beautiful Day, and just now I was looking at it while the song was playing, and I could see so much more, could see the song in the painting.

I wouldn't rush to go see the collection, but if you had a chance by all means go. It was quite interesting seeing what U2 meant to someone else, in a completely different way...
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