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little U2 moment

i go to the north carolina school of the arts: school of filmmaking. this evening i was sitting in my producing class and my prof came up behind me while i had my laptop up and asked who was on my desktop (bono of course) . . .
and i said "ummm bono."
and he was like "ooooh. you like bono?"
i said "yes. . . . A LOT."
and he said "oh really? i know bono."
(in my head i was like ...hmmm this could be possible... he is a producer after all)
i said "really?!"
my teacher said "yeah. he is my cousin."
(okay so now in my head i was like: bullshit. you arent the same race as bono.)
i looked at him like he was nuts and said "nuhhh uhhh"
and he just laughed and turned away.

he is kinda a crazy dude. but pretty funneh.

but there ya go. there is my little U2 moment. i just wanted to share.
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