b (boriel) wrote in u2,

RED - oprah, bono, GAP - friday launch

hey there, i've never posted here before, and i know someone already posted about bono being on oprah, but i'm so excited about WHY he's on oprah, that i wanted to share.

so tomorrow bono, alicia keys, kanye west are all on oprah to launch product (RED). the reason i'm excited about this, is i went to my local GAP store the other day (in canada), and asked if they knew anything about it, and instead of the expected 'huh, whats that?' i got a very enthusiastic manager who told me the RED products were already in the store, but wont be on sale till friday launch day.

GAP has all kinds of stuff - reasonable priced stuff - all red. the tshirts are 30 bucks, they have hoodies with red lining, jeans with red piping, canvas book bags (that i want) and the manager said a red bag that said RED all over it in different languages - even her native Turkish (which was why she was so excited). the tshirts are more like an acid wash red (very nice, and i hate red btw) and are made from organic cotton. fair trade, made in africa, by african cotton, and african workers who are paid a decent wage, and get free medical coverage and free aids meds.

and...GAP gives half of everything bought, to the Global fund for Hiv/Aids meds... they're the highest out of all the RED merchants (Armani gives 40%, Converse 15% and motorola is the lowest at about 3%). And the manager told me that GAP has a 5 yr agreement for this product. this is fantastic news.

so yeah.. bono's on oprah tomorrow. i'm setting the vcr so i can watch it later. catch it if you can, if you have a GAP near you, just go have a look... they also have the affordable RED bracelets and some places might have bandanas.
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