Hyperbole is my primary form of expression (bloodfever) wrote in u2,
Hyperbole is my primary form of expression

A few tour questions, hopefully someone can help.

Anyone either camping out or just getting to the stadium obscenely early for the Nov 10 Syd show?

Anyone have any idea where the stage is going to be in relation to the gates? For example is it at the G-H end or the O-P end? [Edit: after consulting ticketek, whereis and the telstra stadium site I am fairly confident the stage is at the south end, being the O-P end. Which is not so great for me, I have F gate tickets - the north end - *sigh*]

For previous dates - have they been barricading sections off in the GA area (splitting people into smaller sections with walkways between) or just letting everyone flow all over the GA area as they will?

All of that will determine what obscene time I show up to the stadium!!

(Im a bit antsy about this GA thing. My last U2 concert experience I was stuck in the nosebleeds and since Im about 5' tall it would be worse to be stuck at the back of the GA area. I wouldnt even get the "ant" view I had in 98!)
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