lemon (bad_lemon) wrote in u2,


So, here's my enthusastic "yay" for the moment:
While I could have shelled out another $80 and gotten a special edition U2 iPod, i went for the cheaper, and (very RED) Product(Red) Nano. and, since this is my first MP3 playing device of anykind, I'm super excited. YAY!
And I feel good for buying it. I could have bought a silver or a black or a pink or a blue or a green one, but instead I go for the Product(RED) because I know that's it's going to do some good... even if it is just a little.

And there is a plethora of U2... 900MB alone are dedicated to U2.

Sorry for the random moment. Feel free to delete if it's too off topic, random or childish.
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