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Picking up for canadanne this weekend. Being the resident remix-whore, I will be selecting a U2 remix much like canadanne has been for the past few months. I went through the memories, and it comes with much surprise that the remix I wanted to do has yet to be covered. Lucky me. Without further adieu;

Even Better Than the Real Thing (Apollo 440 Stealth Sonic Remix)
Even Better Than the Real Thing CDS

One of my all-time favorite remixs, and is often the one that I make friends listen to when they don't believe when I say that U2 can almost be a dance act as well.

Upon first listen, one could say that this is simply an extended dance mix from this Achtung Baby single. It is only when you get into the track that you find that this remix has a lot going on, and really takes the best of the original and brings it to the foreground.

Edge's guitar work sounds more clear, and has a real gusto to it. Many elements that are barely audible in the album version are brought to the front of the melody, most notably Edge's guitar riff at 4:23 mark in the song. There are a few more background 'woo-hoos' on the part of the Bono, but aside from that, the lyrics are unchanged from the original. I wish I could comment on Larry and Adam's contribution to the track, but I simply can't hear it. I'm sure it's there, but I'm not the best at picking out a bass guitar in a song unless it's the focus ala "Love and Peace or Else".

Apollo 440 has successfully turned a well-loved song into something that can be considered a well-loved remix. The mixer manages to keep the soul of the song intact, but also giving it his own touch of flair. I have to admit that I was not a big fan of this song up until a few months ago. This remix was the only thing that could get me to listen to this song at all, and is that not the sign of a good remix; the capacity to not only love the altered form, but also appreciate the song its in original arrangement?

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