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U2 goes classical?

So we listen to at my office, which I really like - it's a great, totally listener-supported classical station based out of North Carolina. And, being ignorant of a lot of classical music, I love listening and learning more about it. Plus they post their playlist online, so when I hear a song I like or recognize, I can go see what it is. (Although, not only do I have to remember to add an hour when converting from Central Time to Eastern Time, but it's also listed in military time format, so I'm often left hoping I got the right one!)

ANYWAY, through this lovely station, I learned the name and composer of one of my favorite classical songs: Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. So I did a search of the iTunes music store to try to purchase a version, and while doing so, I came across something called "Pachelbel Meets U2" by Jon Schmidt, from an album called "Winter Serenade." And I pretty much had to get it.

So I start listening to it, wondering where it's going to "meet" U2, and a little more than halfway through the lovely Pachelbel piano, strings start up and it fades into "With Or Without You." I about DIED.

Check it out via yousendit: Pachelbel Meets U2.

(And I'd upload it to the Gmail account, but I alllways forget the name and password - help me out?)

Um... sorry for being all long-winded and excited about this. Couldn't help myself. :-)
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