January 29th, 2001

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Hey, just wanted to say hi.

Has anyone else out there been frustrated by the whole password to get tickets online early thang?? I thought it sucked, but it's not U2's fault, it is, of course, Ticketbastards fault. Hmmmpf. Should be the concert of the year though.

See ya's
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My Backwork

Flights....Tickets,, Stress....

I had bought my tickets (to fly) to Boston really early (I am in Mon-freakin-tana) -- and U2 went and rescheduled some shows on me (Boston added night, Hartford June the 3rd now instead of the 9th) so I have to go reschedule my airplane ride (ride sounds fun,, I will be petrified) and pay penalty fee's along with going through ticketmaster trauma hell again for night four of boston!

See. me. pulling. out. my. hair.

So, where is everyone going to see the show ?? I know Grey is going to be in Boston with me....

BTW, it's nice to meet new people! Hi ohdang and conner! If you guys ever get bored go check out this page for a laugh =)

I guess this ticket 'stuff' isn't as bad as I make it out to be - other than I am going broke and fast.... I just wish it was June! June June June!
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