January 30th, 2001

  • conner

No Tickiepoos yet

I wasn't able to get tickets for the Atlanta show due to 1) the password not working for 10 minutes and 2) the sale wouldn't go through on Ticketbastard. So, at that point I got frustrated as I was supposed to head to Memphis, TN that morning. So I left and took off for there instead.

I'm working on a couple different angles for tickets, one being E-bay cuz supposedly they can't sell them for more then the legal price or they get kicked off. I really wanna be on the floor and make the mad dash up front, if i'm gonna go at all. >:)

Who, out there, is seeing them in more then one city???
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So this looks like a nice alternative to the NG's at the moment.

I just wanted to add my little bit to the whole tour thing...cos I haven't said it for awhile, cos a couple of ppl keep telling me to quit worrying about it, but I still do......I am so worried I won't get tix to any shows in the UK, and this will absolutely kill me, cos this is the one thing I have been looking forward to for the last god knows how long....so this is my weekly stress session over it all. Ok, its over...

I am so jealous of you guys who already have tix, and who can start to make concrete plans, even if they do get changed around on you Aims....

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