April 27th, 2001

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So I've returned from my three weeks o' U2 paradise . . .

YES, I met Adam and Larry,

YES, I got autographs,

YES, I got one of the roses Bono threw out (thank you, Matt!),

and YES, I was at the front and center of the heart for two different shows (San Jose 4/20 and Anaheim 4/23)!!!

The third (San Diego 4/17) was spent front and center of the bottom level of Golden Circle seats - - still a great introduction to the concert.

We camped out in San Jose, and I got in the Anaheim line at like 8am.

Here's some pics - -

Tickets to two of the shows.

Some of the wonderful people I met :)

That says Larry Mullen, Jr. if you're wondering - there's a bit of line beside the "Tower" symbol that was supposed to be Adam's signature, but the tag got rained on too much by the time Adam got there, so the ink wouldn't stick . . .

Larry at the autograph signing. (He touched me! He touched me!)

Adam at the autograph signing. I apologize for the crappiness of these pics! My camera's way messed up.

Bono and Adam gettin' the groove on at the San Jose show.

Here's my baby again.

The Edge does that thing he does. Did I mention that we were like as close to Bono and the Edge as anyone in the audience could be??!!

For more pics of the shows, go to http://www.geocities.com/eilis40/u2springbreak/ - there are tons of my friend's pics there!
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