June 8th, 2001

U2 in Boston...the story so far

It's been an exciting few days for me. The first U2 show was on Tues June 5th. I had managed to get
myself a gold circle ticket from a wire list member who was kind enough to drive to my house to
deliver it. My brother and 3 of my sisters had been camped out in front of the fleetcenter from the
night before. My brother was #1 in the line. My sisters just a few people back. They all got to be
right in front of the stage, right in front of Bono and his mike. I recognized their hands waving in the
air from where I was sitting.

PJ Harvey opened and I've been a long time fan whose never seen her so I was very excited. She
ROCKED! I was singing along and being carried away on her emotional rollercoaster but everyone
around me was pretty blase during her set. I was a little pissed off, I mean, it's PJ Harvey! She's not
small potatoes and she put her own tour on hold to open for U2 because she is such a fan of theirs.

Bono is better than Elvis ever was. That was all I could think of when I saw him casually stroll on
stage, with the lights still one and dive into the opening song, Elevation. He is super cool, super sexy.
He knows how to use the stage, use the cameras, use the audience to his advantage. He is such a
little man, but his personality makes him bigger than life! The show blew me away. It was a real
Boston-Irish welcome home show. It was the show I wanted to see when I went to see them during
pop mart and that I didn't get then. It was everything I dreamed. Bullet the Blue Sky has morped into
a brilliant performance art piece about gun violence, handguns and gangster rap.

The second night I had general admission. My only night of GA. I took the day off work and waited
out in the line from 8 AM. Then the most horrible thing happened. We began to notice that security
had been letting people from the back of the line, inside the building and into the heart. We were
PISSED! Apparently since CNBC was going to be broadcasting live during halftime of the NBA
finals, they wanted to 'test their camera angles' and asked for 'volunteers' funny how no one in the
front of the line was asked. We were finally let inside and some guy named Jerry who was working
either in stage management or with CNBC, came out to put a 'spin' on the situation. He was quickly
informed of how pissed off we were and that there could be a protest during the live broadcast of
people sitting down. They didn't do anything to fix the situation. This royally sucked for those who
camped overnight. I got a spot against the railing along the outside of the heart, 2 feet away from the
tip on the right and less than 3 feet away from Bono when he was in that area. The show was
fantastic! It was wonderful to see them from that perspective to be so close, to be carried on the
wave of bouncing fans. I was deaf all day yesterday. Tonight I go again. I have high balcony seats,
but it will be alright. I can't wait till tomorrow!

- Starr