July 20th, 2001


For those wondering about the Third Leg.....

U2 will return to North America In October

YouTwo.net staff have learned details of the third leg of the U2 Elevation Tour 2001. The dates were obtained through three independent sources, one who wishes to remain anonymous, a contact at Principle Management, and one currently working on tour with the band in Europe.

The itinerary, as previously reported by YouTwo.net, leans toward visiting North American cities that were not on the first leg of the tour. While it does not appear that U2 will be heading south of the United States into Mexico, the band will be heading north for a return to Canada with stops in Montreal, Quebec and Hamilton, Ontario.

U2 will not be performing in St. Louis, the site of a cancelled Elevation concert on the first leg. Somewhat surprisingly, Boston, a city which held four sold-out concerts on the first leg will also not see a return by U2.

In addition to the announced dates, two of the three sources also revealed that a 'special concert' would occur in the middle of October at a yet-unannounced venue in the US.

The third leg will launch at the University of Notre Dame on October 10th and the tour will close in Las Vegas on November 18th or in San Diego on November 19th.

New York City will hold four concerts from October 24th to October 28th and Larry Mullen will celebrate his birthday in Providence, Rhode Island on October 31st. Chicago, another city which held four sold-out concerts during the first leg, may see an additional two concerts in mid-October.

Other cities slated to be on the tour are Baltimore (Oct. 19), Philadelphia (Nov. 2), Denver, Austin, Los Angeles (Nov. 12/13), Oakland (Nov. 16/17), and Salt Lake City.

An official tour announcement is expected in the last week of August, with on sale dates staggered in the first three weeks of September.

Tour will not continue beyond North America

After the final concert in November, U2 was rumoured to tour in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan before and after the New Year. While Principle Management would not confirm or deny this rumour, another reliable source revealed to YouTwo.net staff that U2 will not tour after the final North American date.

The same source also reported U2 will perform at the MTV Music Awards in New York in the fall, and a much larger 'heart' and stage would be used at the outdoor Turin, Italy and two Slane Castle concerts.