August 11th, 2001

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So, I downloaded the ATYCLB screensaver from and I forgot that it played music! So, there I was doing stuff around the house, I've got Achtung playing in the front living room, when all of a sudden the screensaver starts blasting out more U2 (Beautiful Day, no less) in the computer room!

How heavenly is that I ask you?
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    U2--Trying to Throw your Arms Around the World

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Hey guys! First post here! Just joined.
Umm...lesseeee...few things:
From Mississippi...I'm about to be a Grad Student at Miss. State U.
Studying Computer Animation (NOT Disney stuff...more on the lines of F/X for film)
Been a U2 fan since 1990 since my Dad introduced me to them.
Active member of Wire (most of 'em anyways :)
Own U2Heartland which is a list for southern U2 fans.
Been to only 2 shows :( (PopMart New Orleans 1997 and Elevation Atlanta this year)

The Atlanta show was AMAZING. I was dressed as the Fly if anybody saw me..I was in the heart.
And yes I have my own pair of official fly shades and a full black vinyl outfit (costs a pretty penny...spent a months rent on it...put me in debt but VERY worth it :)
I got to meet all the boys after the concert..>I see where Zooromancer left after Adam came out..but then after that they ALL came out. Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of REM were both there as was Anton Corbijn, Ali, and Gavin Friday, Paul McGuiness and more. Phenomenal show.
Anyways got all of the boys autographs and pictures EXCEPT Bono who, although he spent the most time out there..wasn't signing or taking pictures (except for ONE girl).

Anyways...big U2 I got my very first U2 tattoo (or first tattoo at all for that matter)'s the BonoMan/MacPhisto logo from Hold me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me...I'll post a pic of it later on!

I am also pretty active in u2 bootleg collecting...if anyone wants to trade or somethin' lemme know!
Ok so anyways...I guess that about does it for right now...sorry for all the random jumbled up stuff but I wanted to get as much in as possible.

U2 anime

I don't know if anyone here has seen these or not but I found a couple anime interpretations of SBS on morpheus. The first one was credited to Akira and the file size is 26MB (it stops 3:08 into the song). I think this one tried to follow the lyrical pattern of the song. For instance, whenever the line, "How long, how long must we sing this song" comes up we see someone preaching or demanding a call to arms. The second one is credited to Rurouni Kenshin and its 57MB big. This one is a bit more violent but its very powerful as well. From what I could tell its about a woman and her reluctance to fight. I enjoyed them both and I was very impressed with them.
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    yep, I'm watching it again ;-)


i had the weirdest dream about u2 last night....

me and my mom were on tour with them and were walking around some city that looked like paris. then we went into a pub and got food and no one wanted to sit with the edge for some reason, so i did. then paul mccartney showed up and bono started crying and larry was jumping up and down with excitement... it was weird.....

good story, huh?
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