September 15th, 2001

Bono, funny man!

I'm now listening to my first ZooTV boot (8-28-93 Dublin, IE) and Bono has called the UN and they are out to lunch :-D! He and the crowd then sing Help hee hee! OMG! I'm cracking up! Damn, I was only 13 then. Look what i missed out on!

P.S. I appologize for the excess amounts of exclamation points ;-).
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    U2 - Ultraviolet (8-28-93 Dublin, IE)

Check it out......

On Friday morning a local Winnipeg radio station(Power97) played a version of Stuck in a Moment remixed with sound bites from Tuesday's terrorist attacks.They said the version was mixed by a New York radio station but did not say who it was or if it was available anywhere on the web.If you find it ....check it out....very moving tribute ......
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    just humming Stuck in a Moment.....