September 30th, 2001

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i'm upset i didnt get to see u2, nor will i get to see them ;(
they were in houston a few months back, tickets sold out so fast, i didnt get the opportunity to even purchase one! i'm just hoping they'll have another tour(besides the one they're having now)next year!
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Ray in South Park

U2 live webcast

Tiscali and have joined forces to bring to you a live webcast of U2 in
concert, and you can watch it from the comfort of your own home.
The show will mark the return of one of the world's biggest bands to North America
for the third leg of their spectacular Elevation 2001 Tour, which has played more
than 100 dates to more than 2 million fans this year alone.
October 11th (2am - GMT) is THE date for all U2 fans, because the band will be
performing LIVE from Notre Dame, Indiana, US, the legendary home of 'the fighting
Irish'. The two hour show will be the ONLY webcast by U2 this year and is expected
to draw millions of online fans. It's an experience not to be missed!

Full details are available right about here.
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