October 17th, 2001

Strokin' It!
  • hapavox

Elevation Chicago 2001 10.16.01 3rd Leg...

Ahhhh...amazing show last night! I was able to attend my 5th show of this Elevation Tour alone! And, it was spectacular once again! However, this show in Chicago really stood out I believe. I don't know what it is. The crowd? Possibly, the Chicago crowd was just mad for it, yeah?!! I would love to do a thorough show analysis for this community but I really don't want to spoil some surprises that's in store for many of you who will see the remaining dates in your respective cities! I'm sure you've read some of the reviews already. But Watch out and see it for yourselves! This 3rd Leg will blow all other shows out of the water...guaranteed baby! Alright, if you visit my journal I scanned/posted some cheap instant camera shots that belonged to my friend/classmate when we met Bono and The Edge outside their hotel...by chance/accident I suppose. I took more pics. with my brother's better Pentax cam. but it will be a while 'til I get those developed because more shots are still available on the camera. Hopefully, they'll be developed soon so I could post more on my lj. My friend, Hiro appears in the pic. with Bono while he signed my ticket stub...along with the Edge(although not pictured)...but I did take some shots with both Bono and Edge using the better Pentax cam. Alright, enjoy the rest of the Elevation Tour! The Goal is Soul!