October 20th, 2001

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If you didn't know, the Concert For New York, featuring Paul McCartney (insert girly screamin' here), The Who, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Bono, airs live from Madison Square Garden tonight at 7:00pm on VH1, if you're not going ;)
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I am so excited..

Hello to all ... I just realized how to post an entry into the community. I wanted to ask anyone that might be going to the Denver, CO show on Nov. 7th and was possible going to be in the GA line if they wanted to meet up and hangout together? I am totally excited that I've gotten to see U2 twice this year and I am ridiculously emotional that I actually get to see them in the heart ::if I am lucky enough to get in early:: The last concert was in Dallas April, 3 .. and it blew me away. Anyone who might have pics of that concert please feel free to comment...
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Hi everyone

So I have been here for a while and have never posted.

Anyway, I am a huge u2 fan- so far I have only been to 4 shows, all on the Elevation Tour), since I am only 19. Don't I wish I was born earlier so I could have been to the earlier tours!!! I just went to Notre Dame and Chicago 1 last week. AMAZING SHOWS! I was going to go to New York, but Propaganda denied me tickets (I call the letter they sent me the "Letter Of Death"). Blah. So I guess my round of LIVE Elevation is over for now.

If I ever get my pictures scanned, I will try to put a few from my trips to Notre Dame and Chicago up here. I am also an active bootleg trader (although I would NEVER charge money, I don't want Bono to beat me up) in both audio and .shn format. If there are any other traders or tapers on here, yay! I have a HUGE collection, it is my hobby? obsession? You all know what I am talking about :o)

Nice to meet you all, U2 fans are the best around!
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