November 2nd, 2001

Strokin' It!
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Alright, I just caught the music video for "STUCK IN MOMENT YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF"(LIVE FROM BOSTON) on MTV2! The credits on the video note that it was directed by Hamish Hamilton and is featured on ELEVATION 2001: U2 LIVE IN BOSTON. Excellent camera work and footage onstage!!! I suppose this will also be the same version to be featured on the upcoming DVD and VH1 Elevation 2001 Thanksgiving Special. Anyway, the segment on MTV2 when the video aired featured the beautiful SHIRLEY MANSON and her 2 bandmates from GARBAGE! So, if you catch Shirley and friends on the segment this weekend on MTV2..this video will probably be aired during their time on..

Call to vote!

Hey everyone, U2 is behind in the voting on They are having an awards show where everything is chosen by the fans. U2 is in many categories, but is behind in all of them :( . I mean, cmon, there is even a category for best live act (and that should go to the boys, hands down, right!).

It only takes a second to vote and show your support! Please help u2 to get recognized for the wonderful shows and music they have given us! Thanks!

Hello everyone...

Hi to all!!! I am getting really excited about going to Denver to see U2 on Wed. This will be the second Elevation show that I've seen and hopfully the one that I get to be in the heart at. As much energy that I am feeling right now is not going to even be compared to the energy that I have when I finally arrive at the venue a day early and just scoop the site out for anything pertaining to U2. It's going to finally hit me that this might be the last show that I see for a very long time and I think I might get a little sad over that fact ... but as soon as Bono Larry Edge and Adam walk upon stage I will just get the sense of pure joy that I am even lucky enough to of seen them twice in one year. I know there are many that feel the same as I do... nicky
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