November 5th, 2001



Hey everyone. I am about to leave Tulsa, OK (7am) and arrive hopefully in Denver, CO in about 11 hours. I am so excited about just going, but even more excited that I am seeing U2 on Wed. night. The weather is suppose to be beautiful so I'm not thinking that there is going to be any snow fall. But, maybe. Anyway, I'll try and write more as the concert days fall... and then give the set list when I find some spare time. bye bye -- nicky
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Anyone going to the Austin show tonight?

Does anyone know the likelihood of members of the band coming back to say "hi" after the show?

I'll be wearing vinyl pants and the black sleeveless baby T with the 3 red Elevation symbols and a waist-length braid if anyone sees me and wants to say hi! :)

And I'll be speaking in run-on sentences like that for the rest of the day, as the fact that i'm going to see U2 tonight sinks in. :) Usually I'm excited for weeks beforehand. Today it's been muted. Thus far.

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More U2 after Nov 19?

from staff have learned that U2 will
continue it's Elevation Tour beyond the November
19th date in Los Angeles. staff expect an announcement on the
tourdates within the next few days.

So, perhaps those rumors of two Boston shows in December are true.
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"The Day the World Went Away..."

Anybody remember the NEGATIVLAND incident about 11 years ago involving U2?? Well, it started out as a mockery of "I STill Haven't Found.." which featured Casey Kasem doing a snippet he wished he could get out of!! Ahhaaaha...long story! Anyway, it later became a public brawl that would later involve U2's management company and some lawyers here and there. At one time, I can recall Bono and The Edge thinking the parody and the whole controversy was hiliarious but their management thought otherwise...

Guns: Originally called "U2" but Negativland decided to change the name to protect the 'innocent'..

Not since our friend, HENRY ROLLINS, has a band been so publicly critical of the fabulous Dublin quartet...