November 9th, 2001



At the moment I am sitting in a hotel fixing to head back to Oklahoma after the most intense night of my life. On Novemeber 7th I saw u2 for the second time this year in Denver Colorado and to say the least ... it fucking rocked!!! For the first time ever I heard 5 song acoustic in a row. I am so tired right now that I can't even remember... lol... isn't that horrible. But, just to let all of you know ... it was just incredible what happened after the show and after standing outside for over 12 hours just to get into the heart... low and behold it was snowing when we came outside. And then there's more on top of that... they came out for 3 encores and he paid tribute to his father. It was beautiful. I will write more later once I wake up .... bye all .... nicky..
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"Drag Racers!"

Bono and Larry on the rooftop of a hotel in Berlin circa 1990...Achtung Baby-Era promotional photoshoot by Anton Corbijn. Whoa! What the? Larry had the eyeliner and lipstick going on here! I'm NOT so sure the drummer-boy wanted this photo to leak-out and be used for the album sleeve especially with Bono's tongue lashing out at him like that. Hohoha!

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Hey there

Well, I'm new to this here community, so I thought I'd just drop a line and say hey to everyone.

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I'm thinking of going to Phillps Arena tommorrow morning (as early as I can) to get a ticket. Has there been a lottery system in place? Any advice?

-Liz *who is really excited and hopes this works!*
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*tries to contain excitement*

Garbage is opening for U2 here in Atlanta! I love Garbage and I've never seen them live. I must succeed tomorrow!! I'm thinking of going ahead with Phillips since I was told that they won't have a lottery system. I called Tower's and they told me that they will so I guess that's that. Wish me luck *crosses fingers*!
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