November 10th, 2001


Where my friend and I will be sitting this Friday night

A friend and I are going to see U2 this Friday night in Oakland, and I think we've done a bit of an upgrade over where we were looking at being stuck, initially. At first, I bought a ticket in Section 227 (the first flashing circle I made) just for myself, but when I learned she'd never seen U2 before, I tried getting a pair of tickets instead. only had pairs left in the 227 area, and given that they're diagonally behind the stage, I was fearful of having views blocked.

So, after checking eBay I found a pair in 208 (the second flashing circle I made) that we wound up paying only $10 more for than we would've paid through, fees factored in. The new spot should give us a great angle to view the stage and screens from!

What do you think for it being close to the last minute and not being able to afford something more expensive?
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mission accomplished!

I'm running on less than 4 hours sleep so I'll try to make this brief. As soon as the TM guys logged on, all the floor was sold out! I wasn't expecting to actually get a floor ticket anyway so I went ahead and splurged on a seat. I refused to by a triple digit seat so I got the happy medium. That's more than I've ever paid for any show. More than double and almost triple for a single at the other shows I've been to. Oh well. I want to do this and I know I'm going to get a good show :-). I ended up in section 110, row L, seat 1. Here's a view:

Not bad. I'm taking my zoom camera so hopefully I'll get some nice pictures. I'm a certified psycho ;-)! Went out there all alone, waited nearly 5 hours b/c MARTA doesn't run earlier, and I'm still going on less than 4 hours sleep! Its the rush I like. The rush that comes with knowing that soon, I will see two more of my favorite bands and after this show, I will have seen my top 4 in concert at least once :-).
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