December 10th, 2001

new singles!

Christina, my ART 230 study buddy just gave me a present. When she told me, I had a feeling it was U2-related since she loves them to death (her first band I think). She handed me the Last Night on Earth and Staring at the Sun singles! She's graduating early and leaving for Mexico next semester (she has to get rid of some stuff) and she said she wanted to give them to somebody who would appreciate them :-). She told me about her PopMart experience and I told her about the show I went to last month. That was a real surprise to me, I completely wasn't expecting it at all. I'm really anxious to hear these since I haven't heard some of these songs or alt. mixes at all. That was really sweet. If you ever find this page, thank you Christina ;-)!
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    U2 - Pop Muzik (Pop Mart mix)