December 11th, 2001

  • u2lynne

So which is it?

Anyone listen to the Phoenix boot yet? There is a song on there (right after In God's Country) that I didn't recognize and so I looked on u2tours and it says the song is I Shall Be Released. Then, for some reason, I checked out u2setlists and it says that song is called We Shall Overcome. So, anyone (Dave?) know which one it is? I've never heard it before and I'm kinda wondering what the story is behind it. The fan who plays guitar does a really nice job, btw.
  • djedix

Been a while

sup peeps, been a while since i posted.... i was wondering if anyone else out there like me *ripped* the music from the boston DVD yet? Everytime i listen to the CD i made in the car i feel like im at one of the concerts i went to this year, simply amazing...

Since then i cant stop listening to until the end of the world and the fly....
check out my journal and you'll see what i mean

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