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U2 are officially the Kings of Awesome

How many other bands would rehearse in the middle of a freaking Brisbane thunderstorm? Yes, I'm just back from the final Brisbane dress rehearsal and it was incredibly fantastically awesome. About 100 people stood (danced, swayed, drank, sang and hollered) under umbrellas, blankets and coats while the guys put on one hell of a rehearsal.

We really didn't think they'd go on once the rain started pelting down, but man, they totally did. They stood there in the rain and played their collective guts out. Bono sang 'Singing in the Rain' under an umbrella, as well as a hysterical Bob Dylan on helium impression. The set list was different to last night and I'm not sure I've got it all in my head, because we were just having so much fun but it went something like this (not really in order):

City of Blinding Lights
Until the End of the World
New Years Day
With or Without You
Zoo Station
Walk On
Beautiful Day
Angel of Harlem
Where the Streets Have No Name
The Fly

Edited to add: And how could I forget? THEY PLAYED 'THE SAINTS ARE COMING'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG IT SOUNDS FANTASTIC.

The light show was even more fabulous than last night's, with even more stuff I hadn't seen before, as well as some old favourites from Popmart. Bono even had the cop hat on at one point. Another highlight was the guest dijeridoo player on Walk On. I think that's going to be amazing tomorrow night. It's entirely possible there will be a Steve Irwin tribute and that might be the song. The rumour has it as either that or Kite.

Edge was totally rocking it out. Man, he is just so fucking awesome. Larry was giving it everything as always and Adam looked so cool I don't know if he even noticed it was raining. The band sounds really tight and they seem to have worked out whatever issues they were having with the timing on Kite last night.

And then at the end they had a priest in to bless the tour. Some people were annoyed at the sudden intrusion of religion, but you know, that's what they believe and if that's what they want to do then more power to them. It's not like their beliefs are a secret. And if people are the praying kind, well maybe they could pray for the rain to stop. Couldn't hurt. It's gonna be bedlam tomorrow if it's still pissing down.

But the show will go on.
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