January 18th, 2002

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Hmmm..an old interesting story..

This came off of a guitar/musician site that was reviewing music news going back to the 50's, I hadn't heard this story before....

"1996, Jimmy Buffet, Island Records chairman Chris Blackwell, and U2 singer Bono are taking off in Buffet's seaplane in Jamaica when authorities open fire on them, mistaking them for drug traffickers..."
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My mom (who is 68) has a (snail mail) penpal who lives in Ireland. She just recently told her penpal that I like U2 and the man told her something I never knew. Now, there have always been discussions on the ng's (news groups) and such about how U2 came up with the name U2 and I was just wondering if this could possibly be one way they came up with the idea.... He said in the most recent letter --- and this is how he wrote it which was hard for me to understand, "U2 was code number of unemployment application forms used during their period of unemployment when seeking benefit." I don't know if he meant during the 70's or what... if you get my drift. Anyway, I thought it was interesting and I thought I would share it... and if anyone from Ireland can confirm this I'd be glad to know. The guy she writes to is around her age (60 something) and he is pretty intelligent. They have been writing to each other for years now. It is sweet =)
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More goodies from the Joshua Tree tourbook...

(as before, the thumbnails link to much larger versions!)

This was taken in the ghost town of Bodie, CA, which is quite an extraordinary place, regardless of being the location for a U2 photo shoot. ;)

That's one of my favorites of Bono. I cannot explain why but it always makes me think of Greg Carroll. To me, there's just a quiet, contemplative mood in that picture. Zabriske Point, Death Valley.

Just a nice, serious portrait of Adam. I'm not exactly sure where this one was taken.

Again, all of these are Anton Corbijn photographs, taken whenever U2 came out to the desert to take photographs (late 1986 or early 1987?) They thought they were going to escape chilly Ireland for the warm, sunny desert of the south-west USA. HA! "Desert" only means a low quantity of water, and yes, it does get quite cold in California. ;-P I think the chill was the excuse for all the grim expressions. ;) Wish I could find the quote on that but I don't know where to begin searching!