January 21st, 2002

Larry vocals, anyone?

Aside from backing vocals on "Numb," has Larry done any of the singing?

I believe that, at some point, Larry sang an Irish drinking song in concert- does anybody have that on mp3, or know where it can be found?

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Can you remember the first time you saw the heart in the suitcase lit up at the end of the gig? I can. I hadn't seen it. I'd been too busy being in absolute awe at the words, the lyrics of the song lit up, and watching the band oh so close to me. And Dave tapped me on the arm and pointed to the heart in the suitcase. And I laughed and smiled and cried and everything all at once. That's when I got the urge to call my mother. Which I did. :o) Even though I was in Manchester UK, on someone elses mobile phone, and my mother was just having breakfast in Newcastle, Australia.