January 22nd, 2002

achtung baby

taken from my u2 yahoo email.....

well most of you have probably already see this as it originates from
ZOOTOPIA - www.u2.com, but i thought it was so funny- i had to share!:

So it's 30 years from now, and Paul McCartney has died. He arrives at
the Pearly Gates and finds God already there, waiting to personally
welcome the great musician into Heaven.

"I am very pleased with you, My Son," God tells Paul. "You have done
many great things. How would you like a personal tour of Heaven?"

Paul is flattered and excited, and agrees to accompany God. First,
God takes Paul to a little tumbledown shack. It is humble and dingy.
A tiny, tattered Beatles banner hangs in the window. "This," God
gestures at the house, "is your house here in Heaven. You shall spend
eternity here." Paul is confused, and visibly upset. "God," Paul
says, "I don't mean to be ungrateful. But why is my house so small?"
God laughs warmly. "I don't think you understand. This is a very rare
gift. Only my very special children receive houses." "Oh! In that
case, I am very honoured. Thank you, God." He eyes his new home
appreciatively for a moment, and then they continue on the tour.

After a while, they come to a huge mansion. It is the most
spectacular home Paul McCartney has ever seen. The yard stretches are
far as he can see. A giant U2 banner is flying from the flagpole.
Groundskeepers in U2 shirts and fly shades are scurrying about,
trimming hedges into lemons. The gates to the mansion form a giant
PopMart arch. Paul is furious. He stares incredulously at the house.
God notices his discomfiture, and enquires, "Whatever is the matter,
My Son?"

"God," Paul says, his voice shaking, "I don't mean to be ungrateful.
But I played with the Beatles, God. We were the greatest rock band in
the universe. We broke every record there was to break. We defined
rock and roll music. I am truly thankful for my house, God. Really.
But look at Bono's house! I have accomplished so much, and receive
only a tiny house. Why should Bono's house be so grand?"

God is amused. He ruffles Paul's hair affectionately. "You are
mistaken, My Child. There is nothing to be upset about." He gestures
at the property. " This is not Bono's house. This is my house."
waves go boom

new u2 cd....

to fans who dont know:

u2 released a Rare and Remixed cd Today, Tuesday, that i believe you can only get at Target Stores..

i bought mine today for 6.99...
it has

3 b sides:
summer rain
big girls are best

beautiful day

single version:
walk on

stuck in a moment..

U2- 7

How are you guys liking the new U2 CD released to Target today? I just got mine, and I have to say that it is a nice mix of songs. Of course, they had to go and put the Elevation Influx Mix on there, it brings me right back to the Elevation Tour! You all know what I mean if you got to go to one of the concerts- that excitement that builds when you hear the Influx mix and the anticipation of waiting for u2 to begin walking to the stage. Ah, what an amazing time it has been!

Anyway, thoughts or comments about the CD? You love it? You hate it (yeah right!)? Are they selling out by only releasing it to Target Stores (kinda like the Best Buy single)? There has been a bit of hype about the whole selling out thing- especially since the boys are going to go to the Super bowl. But hey, I don't think they are- they should do as much as they can while they have the world's attention as THE Best Rock Band out there right now. That's just my own opinion, though. :)
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Where I belong

7 at Target

Ok the Target website rots.

When you click on the picture of U2 for the exclusive CD, it does NOT lead you to the CD and I can't find it anywhere. And my friend entered "U2" in the search engine and it let her to flat TVs.

So if any of you has a link to buy the CD online from Target, can you link it here?

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Target.com sucks ARSE

... I can't get to the CD, either... I called the closest Target (45 minutes away), and they're all sold out. BUT the nice lady at the electronics desk did take my name and number and they're going to call me as soon as they get some in (which should be tomorrow).

But the website still sucks arse.
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