January 23rd, 2002

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U2 B-Sides

Last night, I created a U2 B-sides and miscellaneous cd. Alright what songs am I missing??? I know there are a ton of remixes out there but I don't really want 5 different remixes of Elevation.

01. Elevation (Tomb Raider Remix)(off the Tomb Raider Soundtrack)
02. When I Look at the World (remix) (no idea where)
03. Always (off 7)
04. Big Girls Are Best (off 7)
05. Walk On(single version) (off 7)
06. Elevation(remix) (off 7)
07. The Ground Beneath Her Feet (off the Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack)
08. Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (accoustic)(off 7)
09. Summer Rain
10. Slide Away (Michael Hutchence featuring Bono)(off Michael Hutchence)
11. I Will Remember You(Live in NYC) off the UK Times cd
12. New York(Live in NYC)off the UK Times cd
13. I Will Follow(Live in NYC)off the UK Times cd
14. Beautiful Day(on SNL) broadcast
15. Elevation(on SNL) broadcast
16. Peace on Earth/Walk On (Tribute to Heroes)

The cd ran about 50-60 minutes. I quickly listened to the cd in my car this morning and it kicks ass. hehe.

Ok I know I posted this already on my own journal... Sorry for the repeats (for some of you) ;-)
Reaching for you


so.. this whole 7 cd from target.. is this in the us or.. target stores worldwide? I'm an Australian who's too lazy to go and check the local store so i thought id ask the experts - you guys ;)

much appreciated!
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