February 2nd, 2002

  • tsunami


one of my friends brought up this "secret message" that's on the cover of all that you can't leave behind. is this true, or just some weird rumor?

i've been staring at it forever, and i still can't see anything. haha, am i wasting my time?
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I saw the 'edited' version of the Boston show-- bless MTV2! That girl who got pulled up on stage is soooooo cute!!! I hope she comes on here so I can bombard her with questions!!! I wonder if she is even a big u2 fan...? hmmmm....
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    MTV2 concert of 'The Strokes'

ok... i'm confused...

Has anyone else out there seen the mtv2 u2 concert they broadcasted today? They said that this concert was from the 3rd leg of the tour... but as far as i see, it looks like the Boston show from june which was (as far as I remember) BEFORE the 3rd leg shows. I was all hyped up that they were going to show a never before seen concert-- with the hope it may be 'my' show (11-13-2001!!) but it wasn't!
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    MTV2-- U2 show