February 3rd, 2002

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Here a link about Bono being at the World Ecomonic Forum. Before I read the article, I assume he was leading the protestors. *laugh*

Here's my favorite quote:

"The great thing about hanging out with Republicans, it is very, very, very unhip for both of us. There's kind of a parity of pain there."


So I'm listening to the SuperBowl on the radio at the moment (I don't have TV at my college because we're on the side of a hill in Vermont) and I'm so psyched for the halftime show... anyway. Is anyone going to record the audio? Do you think the video will be available online? Hmmmmm....

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  • wydok

Rude Superbowl Fans

Did anyone notice how rude the SuperBowl antendees were? BONO is walking by them during his entrance and all they care about is getting on TV. Gads!

And during Streets they were throwing their little red light up things around.

Neanderthals! :-P

Other than that, the half time show was good. Now only if the Rams could perform as well . . . .
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  • hapavox

"Rock N' Roll and Football"

A very simple and fine performance from the guys tonight. I'm not sure many of those in attendance inside and outside of the heart were actually U2 fans to begin with. Doesn't matter now. The band did their job and they did it well as usual. No cheesy fireworks display onstage. No lip-'nsyncing. No britney. I was expecting a "Stuck In A Moment" kind of performance from the Patriots kicker in the end but it didn't happen. I'm sure every kicker in the NFL dreads that video by now. All in all, U2 just gave the city of Boston and the rest of Massachusetts another night to always remember